VB-124 Power squat machine.
Manufacturer LEGENDGYM.
VB 315-1 Lying leg curl
Manufacturer LEGENDGYM.
VB 310 Standing multiflight (5 in 1)  is designed to effectively train the muscles of the shoulders, chest and back muscles.
Multi-exercise machine, includes 5 exercises. Mnaufactured by LEGENDGYM (Republic of Belarus). See the review
VB 284 Olympic super bench.
Category: Professional. Reverse incline bench Features:  5 levels of neck fixing.  Backrest and seat adjustment. See the review
VB 118 Lying row (3 in 1)  for latissimus dorsi training. 3 in 1 Multifunctional simulator for back muscles. Secondary load: arm muscles, back deltas. 3 exercises in 1. See the review
VB115 Belt Squat ( 2 in 1) Profound training of legs without load on the back. Quadriceps thigh training. Secondary load: gluteal muscles. See the review.
VB 120 Calf and gripper machine. The calf and gripper exercise machiner is designed for effective training of the rear and front leg muscle groups, grip training. Compact multi-machinу for making 3 exercises. See the review.
VB 121 Vertical Leg Press manufactured by LEGENDGYM. Category: Professional. The vertical leg press is designed to train the quadriceps femoris. Secondary load: gluteal muscles.
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