VB 118 Lying row (3 in 1)

VB 118 Lying row (3 in 1)

VB 118 Lying row for latissimus dorsi training.
3 in 1 Multifunctional simulator for back muscles.
Secondary load: arm muscles, back deltas.
3 exercises in 1:
Horizontal barbell row.
Barbell row in positive tilt.
Barbell row in negative tilt.

Inbuilt olympic barbell bar with max 300 kg upload (standard);
Bushing diameter: 50mm;
Distance of soft rollers’ adjustment (4-positions);
Choice of lowest position of the barbell bar- 8 starting positions;
Bench angle adjustment;
Comfortable tilt adjustment ( -5 ° to 20 °);
Leg support adjustment (12 positions) for comfortable training different height people;
Anti-slipping aluminum platform;
Wear-resistant anti-static eco-leather;
Adjusting the lower limit stops;
Removable anti-slip grips perpendicular grip;
Switch mode of barbell bar removal from hooks (on / from itself);
Height adjustment of safety hook;
Counterweight system in barbell bar;

Length: 1950 mm
Width: 2200 mm
Height: 1442 mm
Net weight: 215 kg.

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< h2> Multifunctional exercise machine for back muscles, arm muscles and back deltas< /h2>

Тренажер Тяги лежа , тяга под отрицательным углом, Тяга штанги с отрицательным наклоном

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