VB115 Belt Squat ( 2 in 1)

VB115 Belt Squat ( 2 in 1)

VB115 Belt Squat manufactured by LEGENDGYM (Republic of Belarus).

Category: professional.
The machine is designed to train the quadriceps femoris, muscles of the arms and chest. Secondary load: gluteal muscles. The weight training machine for in-depth training of legs without load on the back.
1. Squat with weights.
2. Push-ups from bars with weights.

• Made of steel profile 40×80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.

• Disk bushings are complex coated with nickel and chromium. Sleeve diameter 50 mm.
• The height adjustment of the bars has 5 positions.
• Hooks for elastic bands 6 pcs.
• The presence of handles for the convenience of performing squats.
• Start handle for a convenient start to the exercise.
• Wide foot platforms with anti-slip aluminum pads.

• The frame was painted by powder coating.
• The presence of 3 disc holders on the lever.
• The presence of 2 holders for storing disks.
• 6 hooks for elastic bands.
Length: 2090
Width: 945 mm
Height: 1510 mm
Net weight: 150 kg.

Тренажер для четырехглавой мышцы бедраТренажер приседаний , приседа , рук










Profound training of legs without load on the back. Quadriceps thigh training. Secondary load: gluteal muscles.
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