HG 801 Multistation


Category: professional.
A power multistation that allows you to perform the following exercises:
1. pull from above,
2. pull from below,
3. shoulder thrust,
4. bringing hands in front of you,
5. mixing hands butterfly,
6. chest press,
7. biceps training,
8. triceps training;
9. training of the gluteal muscles,
10. leg extension,
11. hyperextension.
Handles are supplied separately.

The frame is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel with a double polymer coating that provides protection from scratches and chips the profile.
The main profile of the frame with a section of 40x60 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
Seat upholstery - wear-resistant antistatic eco-leather with reinforced corners.
• Existence of a weight stack of 100 kg, the weight of one tile – 5 kg.
• Double-sided protection of the cargo block along the entire height of the simulator, a cable in a wear-resistant braid.
• Two-point smooth cable tension adjustment.
• Presence of magnets on the clamp of the cargo block.
• The presence of a special system of rollers that allows you to achieve a load value of 1 to 1 on the reduction of arms and bench press.
• Availability of nautilus systems to create a smooth and constant load.
• Adjustable bolster system for leg extension.
• Adjustment of a back and a seat.
• Existence of persistent rollers for comfortable performance of draft from above.
• Adjustment of an emphasis of a biceps.
• Existence of soft handles for comfortable performance of exercises.
• Ergonomic system of fixation of levers, existence of places for storage of fixing pins.
• High pulley with curved handle,
• Low pulley with straight handle;
• Compensators for uneven floors for a stable installation of the simulator.
• Optionally equipped with rubber pads to protect the floor.

Maximum user weight: 180 kg.

Length: 1950 mm
Width: 1142 mm
Height: 2325 mm
Net weight: 291 kg.

HG 801 Multistation

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