We equiped a gym for employees of the new station of the Rescue and Fire station

One of our latest projects is a gym for employees of the new station of the Rescue and Fire station in Minsk in Kamennaya gorka district.

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We were faced with the task of making a project of the hall, and considering the arrangement of simulators. And also assemble and install them. The customer indicated what sports equipment he wants to install in the hall on the square 35 sq.m.:

  • delta machine complete with disks;
  • stand combo;
  • adjustable press bench;
  • universal bench for bench press (stainless steel, shock-absorbing thrust bearings) with a bar for a bar complete with rubberized disks (2.5 kg; 5 kg; 10 kg; 15 kg; 20 kg);
  • bench horizontal;
  • rack for dumbbells with a set of rubberized dumbbells (6; 8; 10; 12; 14; 16 kg).

This sports equipment is enough to perform basic strength exercises and training of the main muscle groups.

We have offered the following products:

  • VB 106 Shoulder press (Delta machine) complete with disks.

Designed for training the front, middle deltoid muscles and triceps.

To facilitate the start of the exercise there is a pedal “easy start”. Seat adjustment according to the athlete’s height. Adjustment of backrest.

To strengthen the muscles of the abs, chest, back, triceps and biceps muscles of the shoulder. Exercises: pull-ups on the horizontal bar with a wide, medium and narrow grip, lifting the legs “corner”, push-ups on the uneven bars.

For twisting, training the abdominal muscles. There is an interconnected adjustment of the backrest with the seat at an angle from 35 ° to 55 °.

LEGENDGYM specialists made a 3D project, delivered and installed equipment. Now, rescuers and firefighters in their free time can train and improve their physical fitness.

It is the rare case when you want to wish: “Better train then you need to rescue somebody”!


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