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Instruction VB 310 Дельта машина стоя (5 в 1)

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Category: professional. Manufactured by LEGENDGYM (Europe, BY).
The machine  is designed to effectively train the muscles of the shoulders, chest and back muscles.

Multi-trainer, includes five exercises:
1. Breeding hands in the slope.
2. Breeding hands while standing.
3. Reduction of hands in front of you in the slope.
4. Bringing the hands down.
5. Raising your arms in front of you (one arm exercise).

• Availability of a soft stop for performing exercises in an incline.
• Adjustment of the starting position of the levers (10 positions).
• Adjustment of the soft stop and levers in height (12 positions).
• Creation of a equal load due to the Nautilus system.
• The presence of a counterweight system for the movable carriage.
• Wide double foot platform with non-slip aluminum pad.
• The machine is made of a steel profile 40x80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
• The frame is powder coated.
• Upholstery - special wear-resistant antistatic eco-leather.
• Frontal location of the weight stack.
• Double-sided protection of the weight block along the entire height of the machine.
• A cable with a wear-resistant protection.
• The presence of a magnet and boundary wire on the load block clamp.
• Load block weight - 100 kg, weight of one tile - 5 kg.

Length: 1355 mm;
Width: 800 mm;
Height: 2240 mm;
Net weight: 325 kg.

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Андрей Шипылюк , 27.05.2024 18:43:58
Находка для любого тренажерного зала!
Можно тренировать не только дельты, но и грудные мышцы. Скажу честно, я его опробовал только для грудных мышц, но эффект был такой, которого я не смог добиться ни в перекрестной тяге, ни с гантелями, ни со штангой. Низ грудных мышц просто взорвало!
Если в клубе будет такой тренажер, я первым куплю туда абонемент!
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