VB 121 Vertical Leg Press

VB 121 Vertical Leg Press

VB 121 Vertical Leg Press machine manufactured by LEGENDGYM.

Category: Professional leg machine.

The vertical leg press is designed to train the quadriceps femoris. Secondary load: gluteal muscles.
• Adjustable the tilt of the platform (6 positions).
• Backrest tilt adjustment (3 positions).
• Back module adjustment (3 positions).

• Waist rest adjustment.
• Rotating cushion and handle on a bench platform for a comfortable fit.
• Antisslip handles for an emphasis.
• The presence of counterweights to facilitate the weight of the bench platform.
• Safety sleeves. Intelligent security system.

• The leg press machine is made of steel profile 100×100 mm and 40×80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
• The frame was painted by powder coating.
• The presence of 4 bushes for storing disks.
• The presence of 4 bushes for disks on a bench platform.
• Disk bushes are complex coated with nickel and chromium. Diameter: 50 mm.
• Upholstery – special wear-resistant anti-static eco-leather.
• Reinforced platform stock.
• Hooks for elastic bands 6 pcs.

Wide range of colour palletes.

Length: 1732 mm
Width: 1928 mm
Height: 2270 mm
Net weight: 290 kg

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Photos of strength machine for legs VB 121 Vertical Leg Press machine.

Vertical Leg Press machine

Vertical Leg Press machine

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