Children’s gym and fitness equipment

Children’s gym and fitness equipment

Category: professional (for children).

Children’s multifunctional sports complex is a modern multifunctional platform consisting of 7 pieces of exercise equipment can be considered as unique.

This complex is designed in Belarus specifically for children’s ergonomics from 5 to 12 years.

It’s a modern multifunctional sports ground.

The complex can be used by 7 people simultaneously without causing each other inconveniences.


  • The complex consists of 7 weight training machines that have unique advantages.
  • The machines provide a moderate load on all muscle groups. And it means that children using this equipment will get balanced physical development.
  • Multifunctional complex is a smaller analog of professional machines designed for adult athletes.
  • The presence of adjustments allows you to create optimal conditions for practicing. It undoubtedly contributes to the balanced development of various muscle groups.
  • The complex is characterized by the principle of isolation of different muscle groups.
  • The built-up construction makes the delivery and installation of the sports equipment extremely simple.
  • Multifunctional machines are a great asset to the sports organizations and clubs, rehabilitation centers, schools.

Width: 3840 mm,
Length: 4100 mm
Height: 1820 mm.
Net weight is about: 390 kg.

The occupied area: 16 m2б height 2500mm

The desired space for safety usage: 5,6m х 5,34m (29m2).

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