VB 192-02 Smith Machine with super bench adjustable

VB 192-02 Smith Machine with super bench adjustable

The Smith Machine has excellent ergonomics and high quality, focused on athletes with a high level of training. Made using modern technological developments, passed testing by professional athletes, confirming the maximum effectiveness of fitness training.
Smith machine comes complete with:
• Smith machine bench with negative angle.
• Smith machine guide.
• Node guide for Smith Guide Machine.

Category: Professional.
In Smith’s machine for the convenience of training is provided:
• Soft sliding of the bar along the guides, starting from 240mm from the floor to 1840 mm.
• Width between racks 1268 mm,
• Free passage between racks at the level of human height and the absence of jumpers at the base of the simulator,
• Fixing the bar using the locks on it by turning it in both directions,
• Safety locks for changing the height of the weight position.
• Compensation for the mass of the bar due to the balances inside the frame rack.
• The counterweight of the simulator moves in a closed case,
The simulator has a durable welded frame, painted with powder paint.
Made of steel profile with a cross section of 100×100 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
Smooth, chrome-plated guides for bar movement on linear bearings.

An adjustable negative angle bench is designed for twisting, training abs and back muscles.
Frame: high-strength, wear-resistant steel profile with a rectangular section of 40×80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm with polymer coating.
• Upholstery – special wear-resistant anti-static eco-leather.
• Adjustable in 6 positions:
-15/0/15/30/60/90 degrees;
• The presence of an cushions for legs;
• Availability of moving rollers;
• The presence of a guide rode to accurately set the position of the bench in Smith’s machine.
• The presence of rollers and an additional wheel for smooth movement of the bench along the guide.

Length: 1416 mm;
Width: 2200 mm;
Height: 2365 mm;
Net weight: 226 kg.
VB 192-02 Машина Смита со скамьёй с отрицательным углом наклона

фото VB192-02

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