VB 206 Bench Smith Machine


The Bench Smith machine is used for crunches, training of abdominals and back muscles.

Category: professional.


  • Interconnected adjustment of the seat and back pad for the angle range from 0° to 85°.
  • Has handles and wheels for moving.
  • Has guiding rollers and an additional wheel for easy moving of the bench along the guide for easy setting to the Smith Machine (does not include guide node of Smith Machine).
  • The bench is made of high-strength steel 40х80 mm section with the 3 mm wall thickness.
  • Upholstery is from special wear-proof super-strong antistatic eco-leather.
  • Has a special handle to move to the starting position.

In complete with:
- Bench Smith Machine
- Guide node of Smith Machine

Length: 1330 mm;
Width: 855 mm;

Height: 422 mm;
Net weight: 60 kg.

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