VB 403 Multistation 8-stack (with adjustable cable X-over)


Category: professional.
A multifunctional simulator that allows you to train and shape the relief of the main muscle groups of the body.
Includes modules: pull-up, pull-down, adjustable block frame, biceps machine, combined leg curl-extension machine.

Workstations and their features:
1. Longpull.
• Existence of a dimensional integral corrugated platform for an emphasis of legs with an antiskid aluminum slip.
• Existence of the rubberized platform for a removable handle
2. Pulldown (optional: V-shape of the arrangement of the rollers for the support of the legs).
• Adjustment of an emphasis under knees (6 positions).
3. Biceps machine
Load regulation by the Nautilus system.
Height-adjustable seat with shock absorber.
Handle with an additional axis of rotation.
Anti-slip double handles.
4. Height-adjustable rods (with the ability to perform leg swings).
Swivel traction blocks with 180° rotation angle.
18 levels of traction height adjustment.
• Height adjustment of traction blocks (33 positions).
• Existence of big handles in the module of an adjustable block frame, for convenience of performance of exercises (4 handles).
5. Multi horizontal bar (straight and parallel grip) on both sides of the crossover (3 pairs of anti-slip handles).
6. Combined leg flexion-extension machine:
• Adjusting the position of the lower roller for different leg lengths.
• Adjustment of position of the top roller for different length of legs and convenience of landing.
• Backrest adjustment has 6 fixed positions and is equipped with a shock absorber.
• Adjustment of the starting position of the lever (13 positions).
• Adjustable footrest position (7 positions).
• Adjustment of position of an emphasis of knees (5 positions).
• Backrest adjustment (6 positions).
• Anti-slip handles for ease of exercise.
• Adjustment of the created load due to the nautilus system (3 positions).

 General characteristics:
• Cable tension adjustment.
• Double-sided protection of the cargo block along the entire height of the simulator.
• Cable in wear-resistant braid.
• The presence of a magnet and a boundary wire on the lock of the cargo block.
• The simulator is made of steel profile 40x80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
• The frame is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel with a double polymer coating that provides protection against scratches and chips from the profile.
• Upholstery - special wear-resistant antistatic eco-leather.
• Cross X layout of modules.
• The weight of one cargo block is 100 kg (8 stacks), the weight of one tile is 5 kg.
Maximum user weight: 200 kg.

Length: 6191 mm;
Width: 2630 mm;
Height: 2412 mm.
Net weight: 1620 kg.

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