VB 311 Pulldown/Longpull

VB 322 - Pulldown/Longpull

Category: professional.
A universal, multifunctional training machine that allows you to train and form the relief of the muscle groups of arms and the upper part of body (deltoids, biceps, triceps, back muscles).

The multistation includes: VB 302 Pull-down and VB 301 Pull-up in one that helps to save space.


  • Height adjustment of the legs rollers.
  • Has a separated platform for legs with aluminum pads.
  • Adjustment of the cushion-stop has 6 fixed positions, the seat is adjustable in height.
  • Additional support for legs for stability of the simulator with the possibility of attaching to the floor (if necessary).
  • Equipped with lower and upper traction units (5 weight stacks of 100 kg each).
  • The protection of the load-block is multi-way along the whole height of the simulator and the cable in the trauma-braided braid.
  • Presence of magnets on the lock of the load-block for security.
  • The machine has a solid welded frame painted with powder paint.
  • The machine is made of a steel profile section of 40×80 mm, a wall thickness of 3 mm.
  • Upholstery – special wear-resistant antistatic leather.

Weight block:
standard – 100 kg .
One piece – 5 kg.

Length: 1946mm;
Width: 1296 mm;
Height: 2372 mm;
Net weight: 250 kg.

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