VB 240-01 Hex bar open


VB 240-01 Hex bar open

The quad hexagonal bar is ideal for deadlifts and squats, making training more comfortable, safer and more efficient. Thanks to the thoughtful shape of the neck, the barbell is not in front of the athlete's body, but as if around him. Thus, the athlete can squat lower, avoiding excessive load, does not tilt the body and avoids back pain. The quadrangular hexagonal bar is perfect for a beginner athlete, it will help to avoid possible mistakes in the execution technique, and significantly reduce the likelihood of injury. For professional athletes, such a neck will help to make a leap forward, the grip becomes even more powerful. When gripping the trap bar, the hands are facing each other, and the wrists and shoulders are in a more natural position, which helps the athlete increase the load without overstressing the joints.

The trap bar can be used to train the upper body muscles (large muscle groups of the back and abdomen).

Thickness of grip - 25 mm
Barbell bar sleeve thickness - 50 mm
Barbell bar length - 420 mm

Length: 1855 mm;
Width: 590 mm;
Height: 220 mm;
Net weight: 13 kg;
Max load: 250 kg.

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