VB 234 Core trainer

Core trainer is a universal sport equipment, designed for strength and functional trainings.
Core trainer allows you to strengthen the torso, upper and lower body; to perform rotational and three-dimensional movements, conducting a simultaneous training of the whole body.

1. Squats with core trainer;
2. Deadlift on one leg;
3. Chest press;
4. Back lunging (long steps);
5. Shoulder press on one knee;
6. Contra directional rotations with barbell bar;
7. Lunging (long steps) squats.

• Made of steel.
• Hole diameter is 53 mm, fits for barbell bar bushing 50-51 mm.
• Is powder painted.

Length: 502 mm;
Width: 60 mm;
Height: 91 mm;
Net weight: 2 kg.

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