VB 125 Bench (chest) press machine

VB 125 Bench (chest) press machine

Category: professional.

The exercise machine is designed for effective training of the pectoralis major and triceps muscles of the shoulder. Secondary load: triceps, deltoids, hands, forearms, abs.

The simulator allows you to focus on the muscles of the chest and requires less effort to maintain the correct position of the body: the back is kept in the correct and safe position and frees the back muscles from additional stress.

Allows you to train with each hand in turn. The comfort of training is ensured by the correct biomechanics due to the ergonomic design of the exercise machine.


1. Bench press.


  • Independent movement of levers.
  • The machine on free weights is made of a steel profile 40x80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
  • The frame is powder coated.
  • Bushings for disks are made with a complex galvanic coating of nickel and chromium. Disc hub diameter: 50 mm.
  • Upholstery - special wear-resistant antistatic eco-leather.

Length: 1769 mm.
Width: 1855 mm.
Height: 897 mm.
Net weight: 126 kg.

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