VB 119 Total shoulder machine ( 4 in 1)


VB 119 Total shoulder machine. Compact multi-use-machine for making 4 exercises.

Category: professional.
The total shoulder machine is designed for effective complex training of the shoulder muscles.

Compact multi-trainer and multi-use-machine, includes four exercises:
1. Shoulder press.
2. Pull up to the chin..
3. Abduction of hands in an incline.
4. Abduction of in sitting.

• The multi-use-machine is made of a steel profile 40x80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
• The frame is powder coated.
• The presence of 2 bushings for storing discs.
• Wheel hubs are made with a complex electroplated coating of nickel and chrome. Disc bishing diameter: 50 mm.
• Upholstery - special wear-resistant antistatic eco-leather.
• Backrest angle adjustment (5 positions).
• Seat height adjustment (5 positions).
• Availability of 3 pairs of handles for shoulder press.
• The presence of 2 levers with a counterweight for raising hands.
• Ergonomic foldable handle with anti-slip surface for pulling up to the chin.
• Wide feet platform with non-slip aluminum pad.

Length: 2055 mm
Width: 1695 mm
Height: 1493 mm
Net weight: 226 kg.

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