VB 109 Reverse hyperextension with weights


Category: professional.
The machine is designed for the development and training of the muscles of the back and gluteal muscles.

An exercise:

  1. Lifting the body upward in exhalation and lowering down on inhalation.


  • The machine is made of steel profile 40x80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
  • Painting the frame is done by powder coating.
  • Upholstery - a special wear-resistant high-strength anti-static eco-leather.
  • Rubber handles and foot rest are provided for ease of use.
  • Adjustment of polyurethane foam rollers for the athlete's height has 5 fixed positions.

Length: 1430 mm;
Width: 1080 mm;
Height: 1530 mm;
Net weight: 85 kg.

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