VB 225 Power rack

Category: professional.

The professional machine is the universal equipment which allows to train with the barbells without others' help.
Has parallel horizontal links which prevent barbell falling for safety reasons.
By placing an adjustable bench inside the frame, you can perform various presses with the bar.


  1. Barbell squads.
  2. Barbell bench press.
  3. Barbell chest upward press.
  4. Barbell curls.
  5. Barbell of dumbbell hold in straight arms.
  6. Pull-downs.
  7. Chin-ups.


  • The professional frame is made of steel profile 80х80 mm with the 3 mm wall thickness.
  • Painting the frame is done by powder coating.
  • Has a 6-plug organizer for plate storage. The plug diameter is 50 mm.
  • The barbells supports, plate plugs and barbells stops are galvanized with nickel and chromium.

Length: 1675 mm;
Width: 1428 mm;
Height: 2350 mm;
Net weight: 166 kg.

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