VB 809 Combined power rack


Category: professional.
A universal, multifunctional simulator, a multistation that allows you to train and shape the relief of the main muscle groups of the body.

1. Barbell Squats.
2. Bench press. (when supplemented with a bench)
3. Bench press from the chest while standing.
4. Lifting the bar for biceps.
5. Holding a barbell or dumbbell in lowered hands for a while.
6. Deadlift.
7. Pull up.
8.Various rods on adjustable block frame.

Power multistation includes modules: adjustable block frame, squat rack, multi horizontal bar.

• The simulator is made of extra strong steel profile 40x80 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
• The frame is painted with a double polymer coating that provides protection against scratches and profile chips.
• Upholstery - special wear-resistant antistatic eco-leather.
• Existence of additional handles for performance of exercises in the adjustable block.
• The presence of a multi horizontal bar (3 pairs of anti-slip handles).
• Anti-slip handles for ease of exercise.
• Belay and hooks for the neck are equipped with rubber or aluminum pads.
• Swiveling traction units in an adjustable block frame module, 180° swivel.
• Height adjustment of traction blocks (33 positions).
• Hubs for discs are made with complex electroplating of nickel and chromium. Disc hub diameter: 50 mm.
• Cable tension adjustment.
• Cable in wear-resistant braid.
• The presence of a magnet and a boundary wire on the lock of the cargo block.
• The weight of one cargo block is 100 kg (2 stacks), the weight of one tile is 5 kg.

Length: 1610 mm;
Width: 2010 mm;
Height: 2395 mm.
Net weight: 392 kg.

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