A power multi-station 9 in 1.

It allows you to perform the following exercises: pulldown, longpull, adduction your hands in front of you, adduction butterfly, bench press, leg extension, leg curl, biceps training, triceps training.


  • The presence of a special system of rollers, allowing to achieve a load value of 1 to 1 on the reduction of hands and a press from the chest.
  • Adjustable support legs for stable installation of the simulator.
  • Two-point cable tension adjustment.
  • Backrest and seat adjustment.
  • Adjustment of an emphasis of a biceps.
  • Adjustment of rollers for leg extension.
  • The presence of soft handles for comfortable exercise.
  • The presence of a weight stack of 100 kg.
  • The presence of magnets on the lock of the cargo block.
  • The simulator has a durable welded frame, painted with powder paint.
  • The main profile of the frame with a section of 40×40 mm, wall thickness 2 mm.

Length: 1595 mm
Width: 941 mm
Height: 2290 mm
Net weight: 183 kg.