VB 320-01 Assisted chin dip (with load)


Category: professional.
Multifunctional machine is designed for training deltoid, pectoral muscles, triceps, biceps and back muscles.
The ability to work with additional weights (the presence of belt fastening).

1. Pull-ups with a wide and medium grip, pull-ups on climbing walls.
2. Push-ups from the bars with a narrow and wide grip.
3. Pull-ups and push-ups with unloading.
4. Pull-ups and push-ups with additional load.

• The machine is made of a steel profile section of 40x80 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm.
• Painting the frame is done by powder coating.
• Platform for feet and steps with anti-slip aluminum lining.
• Anti-slip handles for exercise.
• Availability of climbing wall hooks for pulling up.
• Foldable foot platform.
• Height adjustable (2 positions).
• Adjustment of the width of the grip when pushing up from the bars (2 positions).
• Ability to work with additional weight
• Cable tension adjustment.
• Double-sided protection of the cargo block along the entire height of the simulator.
• Cable in wear-resistant braid.
• Frontal location of the cargo block.
• Presence of magnet and boundary wire on load block holder.

Weight block:
standard – 100 kg, One piece – 5 kg.

Length: 2065 mm;
Width: 1340 mm;
Height: 2620 mm;
Net weight: 310 kg.

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