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Outdoor  gym, training equipment

(with additional load 5-100 kg)

The complex of outdoor training equipment manufactured by LEGENDGYM with anti-vandal protection system – SG series.

This complex includes 5 combined weight training equipment that allows you to perform basic strength exercises, as well as exercises aimed at training the back muscles and abdominal muscles.

Outdoor sports equipment has been developed taking into account the design experience and ergonomics of the professional line of gym equipment for halls LEGENDGYM. Each complex has a complex frame that combines two exercises for specific muscle groups. This concept allows you to achieve compact placement of the entire complex, as well as a significant reduction in its cost.

The main feature of the simulators of the complex is the smooth adjustment of the working weight in the range from 5 to 100 kg. Thanks to this, the complex is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

The simulators have an anti-vandal system, thereby eliminating damage and breakdowns of equipment:

  • consists mainly of all-welded structures;
  • equipped with sealed bearings (they protect the main moving parts from external influences, and also eliminates the need for lubrication);
  • fasteners are closed with special polymer plugs;
  • for the soft parts of sports equipment, a polymer material that is resistant to external influences is used.

The main structural material used in simulators is a metal profile of 80 × 40 × 3 mm. The polymer coating is resistant to the atmospheric effects of the environment and protects the metal from corrosion and other chemical influences.




The training ground is equipped with a stand with information, which lists: safety precautions, warnings and instructions. The complex provides for a canopy for comfortable training in all weather conditions, as well as to increase the life of the complex itself. The required area for the installation of the complex is 10 × 6 m.

спортивные тренажеры для улицы

General look of the workout platform (horizontal bars and bars)

тренажеры для воркаут площадки

The required area for installing the workout site is 10 × 6 m.

Catalog of the outdoor training equipment

Каталог уличных тренажеров

The arrangement and color of the simulators can be performed at the request of the customer, as well as additionally equipped with a streets workout.

уличные антивандальные тренажеры от производителя, outdoor gym training equipment

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Painting Options for Outdoor Sports Equipment SG LEGENDGYM Series




red-grey SG 601

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