VB 411 Мultistation 4-stack

VB 411 Мultistation 4-stack

VB 411 Мultistation 4-stack from manufacturer LEGENDGYM.

Category: professional.
A universal, multifunctional machine that allows you to train and form the relief of the main muscle groups of the body. Consists of:

Elements of the adjustable pulley allow you to perform various thrusts on the upper and lower blocks for the development of the muscles of the torso (press, chest), arms (deltas, biceps, triceps) and legs (gluteus muscles, muscles of the back, outer and inner surface of the thigh). The carriage is rotatable and has adjustment along the entire length of the guide.


• The machine is made of a steel profile section of 40×80 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm.

• The cable in the trauma-braided braid.

• Swinging cable carriage to 180 degrees angle.
• The protection of the load-block is multi-way along the whole height of the simulator.
• There are magnets on the lock of the block.
• Upholstery – a special wear-resistant high-strength anti-static eco-leather.
• Equipped with a carriage adjustable in height,
• Equipped with lower and upper traction units (4 weight stacks of 100 kg each).

• The machine has a strong welded frame painted with powder paint.

Length: 2027 mm;
Width: 2702 mm;
Height: 2473 mm;
Net weight: 720 kg.
multistation ADJUSTABLE PULLEY  longpull pulldown 4 stack

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