VB 212 Bench-chair

VB 212 Bench-chair

VB 212 Bench-chair.

Category: Professional.
The simulator is designed to train the arms and back, can be used as an additional element to other simulators.
– abduction/adduction of arms with weight/dumpbells;
– pullover with straight / bent arms with weight;
– bench press with weight;
– lifting dumbbells for biceps, etc.

• The simulator is made of high-strength, wear-resistant steel rectangular profile 40×60 mm, wall thickness 3 mm.
• The back-seat is located at an angle of 85 degrees for maximum stability during exercises with dumbbells.
• Three touch-points for stability.
• The frame was painted by powder coating.
• Upholstery – special wear-resistant anti-static eco-leather.

Length: 983 mm
Width: 723 mm
Height: 728 mm
Net weight: 21 kg

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