VB 225-01 Power rack

VB 225-01 Power rack

Category: professional.

The power rack is a universal equipment, it allows you to do the exercise with the bar without help. Safety during the exercises is provided by  parallel horizontal jumpers, not allowing the fall of the bar. By placing an adjustable bench inside the frame, you can perform various presses with the bar.

An exercise:

  1. Barbell squads.
  2. Barbell bench press.
  3. Barbell chest upward press.
  4. Barbell curls.
  5. Barbell of dumbbell hold in straight arms.
  6. Pull-downs.
  7. Chin-ups.


  • The bearing structure is made of steel profile 80×80 mm, the wall thickness is 3 mm.
  • Painting the frame is done by powder coating.
  • The power rack is equipped with an organizer of 6 bushings for storing discs. The diameter of the sleeve is 50 mm.
  • Supports for storing barbell bars, disc hubs and boom traps are made with a plating application made of nickel and chromium.

Complete with node guide and Smith machine bench.

Length: 2344 mm;
Width: 1428 mm;
Height: 2350 mm;
Net weight: 290 kg.

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